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' you ain't never gonna find someone who likes seinfeld and the wutang clan'

me tho that’s me


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Attack on Pokemon!!!

holy shit no


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"so what hair cut do you want today sir?""hmm..give me the dreamcast graphics"


"so what hair cut do you want today sir?"
"hmm..give me the dreamcast graphics"

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The Green Benches: The Cost of Cameron: 100 Worst Failures of David Cameron's Government from May 2010 to Dec 2013 →


A simple list of facts that highlight just how bad the Conservative party is for this country.

Some highlights (yes, the actual list is longer):

  • 1.7 million more people at risk of poverty or social exclusion
  • Child poverty up 13% (previous government cut it by 50%)
  • Tax evasion & avoidance up 13%, 165 tax collectors cut from budget
  • Failing government welfare schemes, all of which were judged as useless by independent parties before they were implemented
  • Bedroom tax hitting 660k people, 63% of which are disabled
  • Forcing disabled support organisations to close branches, while forcing over 250k disabled to work unpaid
  • Child funding (SureStart) down 20%, childcare costs up 30%
  • GDP growth 5th worst in EU
  • Household debt growing even faster than under Labour
  • 430k businesses & individuals declared bankrupt/insolvent
  • Unpaid workers up 26%
  • Long term female unemployment up 80%
  • In real terms, wages have dropped by £1600 - while banker’s bonuses have risen by 64%
  • Food & Water charges up 19-20%
  • Stamp prices up over 50%
  • Up to 20 medical treatments no longer free on NHS
  • GP funding cut by £943m, GPs per 10k people down 4.3%
  • 1400+ mental health beds cut, suicide up 8% in a year
  • £1 billion wasted on reforms that lead to over 3,500 staff being made redundant, only to be rehired later
  • Social housing waiting lists at record highs, 1 million in-work families cannot afford private rent (up £1k/year)
  • Homelessness up 26%
  • Tuition fees up £9k
  • £1 billion wasted on private schools, funding taken from state schools
  • Student benefits (EMA) cut entirely, despite evidence it was beneficial. Dropout rate has climbed since.
  • 60k NHS staff cut, 34k police cut, 600k public sector employees cut
  • 10 prisons closed, 4 changed to for-profit model
  • 179 libraries closed
  • Royal Mail privatised at 60% of it’s value, despite making profit
  • UK Statistics Authority repeatedly scolding Tory MPs over twisting or lying about statistics

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